Book Review: book on Battle of Franklin deserves must-read

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In For Cause & for Country: A Study of the Affair At Spring Hill & the Battle of Franklin,
Historic Carnton Plantation author and historian Eric Jacobson has provided us with an up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive and lively treatment of the Battle of Franklin (30 November 1864). Jacobson also amply covers the pre-Franklin action in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The Battle of Franklin was arguably one of the bloodiest five hours during the American Civil War (1861-1865). There were roughly 10,000 casualties, with probably 2,500 killed outright.

The narratives moves briskly in For Cause & for Country: A Study of the Affair At Spring Hill & the Battle of Franklin. The author covers a lot of action in this book. Jacobson is generous with his citations from the Official Records, authentic letters and diaries, and post-war recollections and accounts, especially from the National Tribune.

His treatment of the key leaders, on both sides, is fair. Jacobson knows when to intersperse battle action with an appropriate soldier first-hand account.

Jacobson is trust-worthy in his research, reliable in his interpretations, and fair in his critiques.

If you have buy one book about the Battle of Franklin start with this book by Eric Jacobson.

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