Blogging in the Civil War? No, but close.

The following ad appeared in the November 30, 1861, Harper’s weekly (p. 767)


Every Man his Own Printer !

By the introduction of the Cottage Printing Press, every merchant and professional man is enabled to have a printing office of his own, doing the work in a style equal to that of a practical printer, and at a vast saving in the expense. In connection with the Cottage Press, we put up an assortment of plain and fancy type, adapted to the printing of Handbills, Billheads, Circulars, Labels, Cards, &c., Type Cases, Ink, Chases, and other printing materials, in a neat and compact form, together with printed instructions for managing the press, setting type, &c.


Printing Office No. 2, press prints 5x 8 inches, $25.00

”   ”   3, ” ” 7×10   ” 40.00

”   ”   4, ” ” 12×18 ” 60.00

31 Park Row and 117 Fulton Street, New York.

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