Visited Shiloh National Battlefield yields great pics

I’m in a groove to visit Civil War sites and battlefields.  I visited Shiloh (Tennessee) recently. The Battle of Shiloh took place pn April 6-7, 1862 on the banks of the Tennessee near Pittsburg Landing.  It was the first really large battle for the Civil War.  There were more casualties at Shiloh (which ironically means ‘peace’) than in all the then-previous U.S. wars combined.  We had numerous relatives who fought at Shiloh; one was just 13 years. He would survive the war – Henry LaFayette Wallace (44th IN).  Here are some of my pics I took:

We had over 20 relatives in the 58th Indiana. Here is their market at Shiloh (on Grant’s defensive line, on the left when you first drive into the park).

PB270051.JPG by kwmcnutt.

The Union steamers came from the north and landed at Pittsburg Landing in March 1862.

PB270033.JPG by kwmcnutt.

Shiloh National Cemetery with buried Union dead.

PB270017.JPG by kwmcnutt.

A Confederate cannon faces the Union ‘Hornet’s Nest’ across Duncan Field.

PB270135.JPG by kwmcnutt.

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