Site review: The McGavock Confederate Cemetery in Franklin, Tennessee

I am fortunate to live in Franklin, Tennessee. That means I have the opportunity to learn as much as I want about the battle of Franklin (30 November 1864). I publish an entire blog on the Battle of Franklin. Check it out.  It has hundreds of posts and is the most comprehensive site on Franklin on the web bar none. In other words, the sites related to the Battle of Franklin give me home-court advantage.

That said . . . I visit the McGavock Confederate Cemetery several times a month. I’ve spent hours and hours walking among the graves of the nearly 1,500 Confederate soldiers buried there.  I do ongoing research on many soldiers and regiments buried there.

The McGavock Confederate Cemetery is certainly one of my favorite Civil War sites in middle Tennessee, and would probably be in my top ten overall for Civil War related sites.

Here is an iMovie I made walking the cemetery.

McGavock Confederate Cemetery is a very peaceful place for me. I know the carnage and many of the horrific stories of how these young men got here, but still, there is a peace about the cemetery, with Carnton in full view, that has always yielded a sense of peace and calmness for me. I even enjoy staying past sunset and walking around in the dark evening hours.

This  link will give one access to the scores of posts I have made about McGavock Cemetery.

This link takes you to my Flickr gallery where I have over 500 pictures of the cemetery archived.

So what does the Civil War Gazette award the McGavock Confederate Cemetery? Five cannisters of course!


Carnton and McGavock Cemetery by you.

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