Disaster in Tennessee – news from Harper’s Weekly

Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan

At Hartsville, Tennessee, on December 6, the rebel guerrilla [John Hunt] Morgan made an attack upon the brigade commanded by General Moore at that place, which consisted of the 104th Illinois, Colonel Moore commanding brigade; 106th Ohio, Colonel Lafel; 108th Ohio, Colonel Limberg; Nicklen’s battery, and a small detachment of the 2d Indiana cavalry. After fighting an hour and a quarter our forces surrendered, and the enemy burned our camp, capturing nearly all the brigade, train, and teams, and burning what they could not carry away. Two guns of Nicklen’s battery were also captured. Our loss was between 50 and 60 killed and wounded, who were left on the field. The rebel loss is not reported. Morgan’s force consisted of three regiments of cavalry and two of infantry. It was said that Morgan made another attack upon General Fry’s position at Gallatin the same afternoon, but met with a serious repulse. General Fry was speedily reinforced, and pursued the enemy. It would appear that in the attack at Hartsville some of our troops behaved badly, while others fought gallantly to the last.

Source: December 20, 1862 Harper’s Weekly. Harper’s also covered a raid of Morgan in the August 13, 1863 edition.

Note: the action referred to in the above Harper’s Weekly excerpt was officially part of the Stone’s River campaign. The Hartsville action saw 2,004 total casualties.  The Federals suffered 1,855 casualties and the CSA only suffered 149.

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