Important events in early April 1862 during the Civil War?

April 5 – First major action in Peninsula Campaign begins with siege of Yorktown, under George B. McClellan with 112,000 men.

PB270026.JPG by you.
The Tennessee River viewed from Pittsburg Landing

April 6/7 – the most devastating clash between the North and South (to date) takes places at Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River that would be called the battle of Shiloh. General Albert Sidney Johnston’s Confederate forces launch a surprise attack against Union General Ulysses S. Grant and nearly destroys the Union Army on day one. Grant gets reinforcements on day two and controls the field by days’ end, scattering the Confederate troops back toward Corinth, Mississippi. Grant and William T. Sherman are lauded for their leadership at Shiloh. P.G.T. Beauregaard’s (C.S.A.) stock rises for the Southern military command. Casualties are estimated at an amazing 24,000 combined.

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PB270016.JPG by you.
U.S. National Cemetery at Shiloh National Battlefield Park

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