April 1 – Federals begin Mobile campaign to lay siege to Ft. Blakely. Capture it on the 9th.

April 2 – Confederate Government evacuates Richmond; Davis flees in a woman’s dress.

April 3Richmond, capital of the Confederacy falls.

April 4 – President Lincoln tours Richmond in person, now in Union control.

April 8 – Sherman resumes march on Johnston.

April 9 – Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.
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April  9Pvt. Cyrus B. Harrington, 8th CT, dies on the last day of the Civil War.

April 10Robert E. Lee gives his formal farewell address to his Army of Northern Virginia.

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Appomattox Courthouse, Appomattox, VA by you.

Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia

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