147th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh today

Today is the 147th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh.  It was THE single bloodiest battle in the western theater during the first roughly twelve months of the American Civil War.

The Civil War Gazette has scores of posts on Shiloh in the archives. To commemorate this incredible event in our nation’s history, the CWG offers these photos taken of the battlefield and National Park. All photos are copyright protected.

The Shiloh National Military Park has several hiking-tour events planned for Monday – Wednesday, April 6-8th. Check them out here.

PB270001.JPG by you.
Interpretation center at Shiloh
PB270026.JPG by you.
Pittsburg Landing overlooking Tennessee River
PB270060.JPG by you.
Federal artillery, Schwartz's Battery at Shiloh
PB270131.JPG by you.
Confederate artillery at Shiloh, Washington (LA) artillery
PB270137.JPG by you.
Confederate artillery at Shiloh, 6th Mississippi, 23rd Tennessee
PB270117.JPG by you.
Sunken Road, showing position of Union forces at Shiloh in Hornet's Nest
PB270106.JPG by you.
Memorial to Minnesota artillery position at Hornet's Nest at Shiloh
PB270096.JPG by you.
Confederate Memorial at Shiloh
PB270080.JPG by you.
Union artillery at Shiloh showing rifled cannon design
PB270019.JPG by you.
National Military Cemetery at Shiloh Battlefield
PB270015.JPG by you.
Union dead buried at Shiloh National Battlefield
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