What happened on this day during the Civil War – April 10th?

  1. Slavery was abolished in Washington, D.C. – April 10, 1862
  2. Fort Pulaski, Georgia, which guarded the Savannah River, fell to the Union after a constant bombardment from artillery. – April 10, 1862
  3. Confederate cavalry attack in Franklin, Tennessee. – April 10, 1863
  4. The only U.S. female surgeon – Mary Edwards Walker – is captured by Confederates south of the Tennessee-Georgia border. – April 10, 1864.
  5. General Robert E. Lee issues General Orders #9, a farewell to his beloved Army of Northern Virginia. – April 10, 1865.
  6. The Union celebrates the end of the war. A crowd gathers at the Whitehouse and Lincoln has the bland play Dixie. – April 10, 1865.

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