April 12th in the American Civil War?

What happened on this day during the Civil War – April 12th?

  1. April 12th/13th, 1861 – The American Civil War officially begins when rebels in Charleston fire on the U.S. Fort Sumter in the harbor. Fire is returned from the Federals. There are no war-casualties. The fort is surrendered on the 13th.
  2. April 12th, 1862 – Union raiders, led by James Andrews, steal a locomotive in Big Shanty, Georgia, and attempt to take it to Chattanooga. The great Civil War locomotive chase ensues.
  3. April 12th, 1863 – Gen Hooker informs Lincoln he wishes to flank Robert E. Lee and capture Richmond, Virginia.
  4. April 12th, 1864 – Confederate cavalryman, General Nathan Bedford Forrest captures Fort Pillow (TN) on the Mississippi River. Surrendered U.S. Colored Troops are massacred, sending shock waves throughout the country.
  5. April 12th, 1865 – April 12 – Confederate forces make official surrender of arms at Appomattox.

For a complete timeline of the American Civil War, click here.

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