KIA Sergeant Benjamin Frank O’Bryon of the 140th Pennsylvania Infantry.

White Hall Station

Nov 30th 1862,

…this is Sunday the sun is shining and everything seem to be bright…We have preaching…by our Worthy Chaplain who by the way is a United Presbyterian and I would just about as soon hear a dog bark as to set and listen to him…

Luden Powers…is here now on his road home he has been discharged for a wound that he received at Bull Run…In regard to buying coffee from the soldiers there is a poor chance but I intend to try the company for some and think I can buy some of this ground coffee for we don’t get any green coffee here…

…would to God that you was able to stand the expenses of coming out here though I do not approve of a lady staying around where soldiers is. The majority of them lose all self respect for themselves when they get out here. N.C.

Diffenderfer shot himself through the hand with a pistol which he says pans him very much now…burnsides is a going to bring the war to a close pretty soon, though I think there is a poor chance for us to see any active service as they are now pushing the new troops forward as fast as possible and we are still left behind…


O’Bryon mustered into Company E on 22 August 1862 and was killed in action at Totopotomoy Creek on 31 May 1864. Before his death, the regiment saw action at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness and Spotsylvania.