Civil War related Facebook Groups

Here are the largest Civil War-related Facebook groups I could find:

American Civil War Battlefields – 3,165 members

The American Civil War – 796 members

The American Civil War Mass Add Group – 947 members
Welcome to the largest and best recruitment site for the game.

American Civil War Historians – 365 members

Civil War Battlefield Preservation – 1,176 members
Our nation’s struggle to remain intact was wrought during the Civil War. Nearly 620,000 lives were lost during the war’s approximately 10,500 conflicts (384 of which are regarded as principal and of great historical significance).

Civil War Preservation Trust – 3,880 fans


The Better Angels of Our Nature: Freemasonry in the American Civil War – 783 members

Civil War Reenactors – 2,822 members
For all of us who help keep history alive by reenacting and remembering those died in the bloodiest war in American history.

The Civil War Book Club – 177 members
What are you reading about on the American Civil War, Share books and authors you’ve found with others

Battle level

The Battle of Franklin – 985 members

No other Civil War battle even has over 100 fans.

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