Federal Infantry: 63rd Corps and 93rd PA Tintype

Quarter Plate Tintype of Two Federal Infantrymen. The one soldier is identified as Beneful P. Ruth (probably the soldier at left with musket and equipment) stating this was the last photograph he sent before being killed. Ruth wears bummer’s cap with 6th Corps badge. Records state that Ruth enlisted in Co. B, 93d Penna. Vols on October 12, 1861 and was killed on May 31, 1862, at Fair Oaks. The other soldier is identified as “E. W. S. Stambach of Hamburg (Pa.)”, who was wounded at Fair Oaks and killed at The Wilderness .Source: HA.com

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  1. Some of this information must be garbled with the passage of time. The 6th Corps did not wear corps badges until Major General Joseph Hooker’s General Orders creating the badges in March 1863, so if Ruth was KIA at Fair Oaks in 1862 he could not possibly be wearing a corps badge that did not exist until 1863.

  2. Very interesting image, although, the i.d.’s maybe incorrect. As stated Pvt. Ruth was killed at the battle of Fair Oaks in 1862, and he is wearing a 6th corps badge. The 93rd wasn’t part of the 6th corps until September of 1862. Also, there was no 6th corps badge until May of 1863. The corps badges in the picture above appear to be white (second divisions), which would date the picture as after early 1864 (after the 93rd was transferred from the 3rd division). Very neat picture though.

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