25th Corps Union flag

Civil War Regulation, All Silk 25th Corps Flag of Maj. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel, Consigned by His Direct Lineal Descendants. Weitzel was the first Union general grade officer to enter the city of Richmond upon its fall, doubtless under this very flag. Weitzel was originally given command of the all black 25th Army Corps on December 3, 1864, maintaining the command until January 1, 1865, and resuming command February 2, 1865, through May of 1865. The flag is entirely hand stitched, 47.5″ on the hoist and 68″ on the fly, configured as a swallowtail. The blue silk body is composed of two pieces seamed horizontally in the center. The layered corps insignia is 21.5″ x 22.25″, with the number “25” is 3.75″ high. There are four 0.25″ hand whipped grommets on the hoist for suspension. The flag is in superb condition, with absolutely no loss, although there are some cracks/breaks at the folds, obviously in need of being mounted and stabilized.

The 25th Army Corps was created on December 3, 1864, from the 10th and 18th Corps, which were disbanded. All white troops were placed in the newly formed 24th Corps, and all black troops on the 25th, under the command of Weitzel, in the Army of the James. Weitzel having previously commanded the 18th Corps. Units of the 25th Corps participated in the Siege of Petersburg, the Battle of Fort Fischer, and the Appomattox Campaign, with Weitzel brevetted to brigadier general in the regular army for his participation in the fall of Richmond. Weitzel stated, in 1866, upon the disbanding of the Corps, that the conduct of the 25th Corps “has been such to draw praise from persons most prejudiced against color, and there is no record which should give the colored race more pride than that left by the 25th.”
Sold for:  $50,787.50
Source: HA.com auction

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