Confederate Canteen

Carved Confederate Canteen We’ve Ever Handled and Certainly One of the Finest in Existence. Classic Gardner pattern canteen with iron hoops and, in this case, turned wooden spout. Relief carved shield on the face inscribed “Port Hudson/ July 8, 1863”. American flags and arms panoply at the top with intricate incise carved scroll work at the sides. Deeply relief carved underneath “O. J. Pierce.” Osborn James Pierce served with the 24th Maine Inf. from October 13, 1862, to August 25, 1863, and was obviously with the regiment at the fall of Port Hudson. Pierce subsequently served with the 7th Maine Light Arty. from December 30, 1863 to June 21, 1865. Canteen overall with dark rich patina, age hairline crack diagonally on the face, with no loss and very sound. The reverse face bears the legend, “Canteen/ Obtained From/ A/ Rebel Prisoner (relief carved)/ At/Port Hudson/ La.” The entire inscription with intertwined incise carved scrolls. Pierce, in addition to his military exploits was an architect and sometime illustrator for Harper’s Weekly. Source: auction. Sold for  $11,352.50    

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