16th Maine Infantry soldier writes about Petersburg

This letter was recently sold on eBay.

Letter written by John H. Frain, 16th Maine Infantry, Co. G. Date is August 1, 1864. He details recent news about the siege of Petersburg. See transcript excerpts below.

Frain was from Madison, ME and enlisted on 8/14/62 as a Corporal. He was taken prisoner on July 1st at Gettysburg (later paroled), then taken prisoner just 19 days after writing this letter, at Weldon Railroad, VA (later paroled).

August 1, 1864


… our folks blowed up two forts for the Rebels. Our folks dug for one fourth of a mile underground ….

….amount of powder and when they got all ready torched her off and ______ at the same time the whole length of the line of battle.

Burnside’s Negroes charged in it at the same time and took several hundred prisoners and several pieces of artillery. The fight lasted from four o’clock in the morning til noon when it ceased. A great many of the wounded lay dead there yet they are between the two lines and they will not accept a flag of truce so they have to lay there and die in the hot son. We are not in the heaviest of it. Was a little to the right of us. We have been very lucky lately of being up in any fights.

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