An Open Letter to Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia

An Open Letter to Governor Bob McDonnell (VA)

Governor of Virginia - Robert F. McDonnell
Gov McDonnell
I personally believe that the great State of Virginia  is missing an opportunity to lead our nation toward a balanced and reasonable commemoration of the upcoming 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

By focusing on the Confederate-story exclusively in April, you ipso facto miss and exclude the story of the Virginia Unionists.  One of the more significant Union Generals was from Virginia – George H. Thomas. His decision to fight for the Union split his own family terribly.

The appearance is that your decision to proclaim April in Virginia as “Confederate History Month” was a capitulation to the devisive neo-Confederate organization, the SCV.

You already wisely made one correction to your proclamation.  Now make one more . . . change your proclamation for April to “Civil War History Month”.  If the promotion of tourism is really a major objective with this proclamation, why would you exclude the Unionists and U.S. Colored Troops that fought for Virginia, but in Blue instead of Gray?

One comment

  1. I some what tend to agree with you as to maybe changing the Confederate History Month to The Civil War History Month, however why not have a History Month ?? Not a Civil War History Month, nor A Confederate History Month, not even a Black History Month. African-American’s can celebrate their heritage but a Southern can not celebrate their heritage, why is that ?



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