18th Connecticut soldier sees “The Planter”, Robert Smalls ship

This letter is written from Fort McHenry in Baltimore by Private Rufus P. Munyan, Co. D of the 18th Conn. Infantry.  Munyan writes about seeing the Confederate transport ship the “Planter” that slave, Robert Smalls, ran out of Charleston Harbor on the morning of May 13, 1862, escaped with 6 other blacks and delivered the ship to the Federal forces.
That boat that the seven ni**ers captured down to Charleston runs up here some times.  It is in the government servis it is the Planter and it is the handsomest steemer that runs on this river it is one hundred and twenty feet long I should jug and about twenty five feet beam it has three decks and two gang ways on each side of the lower deck it has a high pesure engine and side wheals and to take it all in all it is the prettiest craft that travels these waters and if the ni**ers got what she was worth they can be comortabley without work the rest of thare days for she had over fifty thousand dollars worth of freight on board when captured.
Copyright 2012, The Civil War Gazette

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