If you could ask any Civil War General one question what would it be?

I recently asked my Facebook group this question, “If you could ask any Civil War personality one question, and they had to be 100% honest, whom would you ask and what?”

Tony Brymer
Lincoln – what are your plans – post war?

Jeromy Rose
Mine would be to Ge. Burnside. I would ask him what the hell he was thinking at Fredericksburg?

Mike O’Donnell
I would ask Gen R.E.Lee why he did not implement the strategy suggested to him by Gen James Longstreet during the Battle of Gettysburg. He could have saved the lives of thousands of his troops.

Jamie Lee Surber
I would ask president Davis why he favored Bragg so much.

Kraig McNutt
I’d love to know what one picture Matthew Brady wishes he’d had gotten that he didn’t.

Greg Shirk
I would ask Gen. Johnston why he retreated from Harpers Ferry before 1st Manassas.

Sharon Troy Centanne
Stonewall Jackson how he came to his wonderful faith in God.

Beth Sims
I would ask Gen. John Bell Hood what possesed him to fight at Franklin?

Tarah Marissa Thomas
I would ask General John Bell Hood why he did what he did at Franklin.

Barb Whelan Keller
I would like to know if Sherman thought about the lasting repercussions his “March to the Sea” and subsequent march up through SC would have in the South….

Bill Dennison
I would ask Lee why he was so insistent about forcing the issue at Sharpsburg with his army divided and badly out numbered, his back against the Potomac and only one, generally inadequate, ford as a line of retreat.

Gayle Marie
Lincoln. Why ?? why didn’t he buy the southern plantation owners off for their slaves, and lower taxes for all Americans? It would have stimulated the economy. He could have set people free, with all the land that America had back then, as they do even now, that even could have been part of the deal for the freedom of the slaves. It could have … See Morebeen different in a better way, and i believe we could have avoided that war all together! When I visit the battlefields I feel so sad. My family fought on both sides. ;(

Leon Guinn

Darrin Dickey
Robert E. Lee: Was it worth it?

Rebecca Varndell Jester
I would like to ask one of the average soldiers who died on the eastern flank battlefield how he feels about the preservation efforts. I walked the old golf cart paths with my family last week and we talked about how the actual soldiers might have felt about what we are doing. Would they think it a good way to honor them or would they think it a silly expense?

David Foote
Gen. Grant, why were you in such a panic about Gen Thomas and Nashville? Was it because you screwed up allowing Sherman to leave Hood’s army?

Steve Martin
TO: GENERAL RICHARD EWELL~ JULY 1st, 1863 ~ ‘Why did you STOP the attack?? WHY??? (‘OLD JACK’ would have GONE FOR IT!!!)’ ~ MIGHT HAVE been a CONFEDERATE victory…

K Scott Mullins
Jubal Early…why didn’t you listen to John B. Gordon when he told you he had found the Union flank at Wilderness??

David Thomas
So many questions to ask. However even before Battle of Franklin I would ask Hood why he pulled Gen. Bate off the road at Spring Hill and ordered him to align with Cleburnes left.

Kraig McNutt
I would love to know what went through Robert Gould Shaw’s (Colonel of the 54th Mass) mind when he charged his last 100 yards against Fort Wagner.

One comment

  1. Why didnt Lincoln buy the slaves? SOmeome asked that.

    Over and over and over and over, Lincoln offered to buy the slaves. Lincoln mentioned this repeatedly during the Lincoln Douglas debates. He also offered to buy them DURING the civil war. He also offered again during the Hampton Roads conference.

    The slave owners were enjoying the slave rape, and the power than came from owning slaves, far more than they wanted a few dollars per slave.

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