Robert Smalls and Charleston, South Carolina

The story of Robert Smalls also has deep roots in Charleston.

Robert Smalls would've passed by and observed slaves being sold on this spot.
Now the Dock Street Theatre, Robert Smalls, as a young boy was a waiter in what then was The Planter Hotel.
When Robert Smalls first moved to Charleston in 1849, he cleaned street lamps for the city of Charleston.
Modern-day Southern Dock area in Charleston; site where The Planter was docked before it escaped.
The Planter had to sail past Fort Sumter's guards around 4"15 am the morning of the escape.
Stereoview of The Planter in 1866.
Signature of C.J. Relyea, captain of the Planter when Smalls escaped.
The actual Planter log book that Smalls sued to record activities of the Planter.


  1. Nice site. I am researching the steamer Planter. I think you mistakenly call the photo of the Planter a cdv. It is actually a stereoscope card. Otherwise, great site!

    1. That’s right Bruce. Not sure how I slipped and called that a CDV. I have that stereoview. Email me and tell me more about why you’re researching The Planter. I have a nice letter I can share with you. Kraig


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