6th Indiana soldier writes about action at Green River, KY

Facing Confederate forces, guerrillas, and an often-hostile populace, the 6th was in a tense situation. December 1861, along the Green River in Kentucky, Sgt Elhanan W. Moberly, 6th Indiana Infantry, was nearby when his German fellow Indianans took part in a sharp engagement:

The principle of the fighting was done by 600 of the Indiana 32nd under Welish’s (Willich’s) Dutch Regt. We was clost enough to hear the cannon firing, & by the time we got here they was bringing in the wounded. 3 came along our lines as we had just stoped… there is eleven dead bodies just within a few rods of our camp that was killed in the engagement… the soldiers that had the fight sayes they have got 90 of the enemy piled up in a pile on the other side of the river (Dec. 18, 1861). A week later, the 6th came under fire while pursuing rebels: some Regular Troops went to our left when we came up near the pike Bridg they commenced firing upon us or rather General Rousseau, & staff as they was in the advance they fired 70 shots the distance 500 yds or near that. The Adjutant Dunlap of the Louisville Legeon was wounded shot through the thighs just through the top of the saddle only through the flesh. Our Regts Flag was called for & rushed forward when the attacking party saw the Flag they ceased firing. The bullets whistled over our heads brisk for a little while…

And Moberly writes of the local populace in Nashville in May 1862:

I was several times on yesterday insulted by the women of Nashville at a very fine residence a young woman made mouths at me at 3 different times as I was passing by So I concluded that I would resent the insult. I got 2 soldiers to go with me as we neared the house she discovered us coming & commenced grimacing, & making mouths as usual we proceed until we came to the gate that entered the year I opened the gate, and asked the men to walk in they did so the young woman darted in the House, shut the door after her. We walked up to the door I took hold the bell knob, and rang the bell rang the 2nd time; the young woman came to the door & opened it at the same time asking us what we wanted. I asked her if she kept a whore house here she screamed and scampered off in great haste. We stood there directly, the Father, & Mother came, & seemed to be much agitated asking us what we wanted in a very premtory tone. I asked them if they kept a whore house. The old man said no. I told him to take in the sine…. This morning before leaving town I saw a Negro, & white boy fighting. The white boy was going to stick the negro with a knife just as I was opposite them in the street. I told him not to knife the negro. He on hearing that quit the negro and made at me. I knocked him down with my gun. By that time there was a woman at the door or a house near by me. By this time the boy had got up, & was making his way to the house. The Rebel bi[t]ch began to advance she geathered a stone as she same she threw it with all the might she could just at that time I stooped and picked up a stone from the street let drive with it at her striking the corner bord of the house… I stood in the street for a short time with my gun cocked expecting some other attack. None came…(May 26, 1862).

Source: Cowan’s Auction, online 2006

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