Embree’s after-battle report of Stone’s River

Stone’s River after battle report:
Report of Lieut. Col. James T. Embree, Fifty-eighth Indiana Infantry.
January –, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to report that the Fifty-eighth Regt. Indiana Volunteers came under my command on the evening of December 31, 1862, after the close of that day’s action, George P. Buell, colonel of the regiment, having been called to the command of the brigade.
About daybreak, January 1, 1863, this regiment received orders and took position as part of the reserve on the left wing of the army, and retained that position during the entire day, and consequently was not in action.

At 10 p.m. of the same day the regiment was posted on the front line, in the left wing of the army, and retained this position until 9 p.m. January 2.

During this time the regiment was not engaged in action, but was, about 10 a.m., January 2, subjected to a severe fire from the enemy’s artillery, discharging into its ranks a large number of solid shot and shell, by which 2 enlisted men were severely wounded.
About 5 p.m. of this day an attack was made by the enemy on the right flank of the regiment, while the regiment was being moved to a new position, which it had been ordered to occupy. The front of the regiment was immediately changed, and skirmishers thrown forward to meet the skirmishers of the enemy, and soon succeeded in driving the enemy from the field without loss to the regiment. At 9 p.m., January 2, the regiment, in pursuance of orders received, crossed the river on the left, and took position on the front line of the left wing of our army, which position it held until the morning of January 4, when it was moved to its present position in the field, in the rear of the army.
During the time the regiment held position south of Stone’s River-the night of the 2d and the day and night of January 3-the regiment was not engaged in action.

The loss of the regiment during the time covered by this report was but 2 enlisted men, wounded.

Lieut.-Col., Comdg. Fifty-eighth Regt. Indiana Vols.
Source: Official Records
[Series I. Vol. 20. Part I, Reports. Serial No. 29.]

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