New Civil War magazine debuts: The Civil War Monitor

I bought my copy in Barnes and Noble.  Review points below.

Here’s my initial impressions:

What I like?

  • Paper quality
  • Typography of headlines
  • Use of period photos
  • Serious use of end notes
  • Original artwork on the cover
  • Not seeing another Civil War painting on the cover
  • Promise of a decent complimentary web site (we’ll see)
  • An article from Jim Lighthizer of Civil War Trust
  • The Primer section with nice pictures of Civil War headgear

What I don’t like so far?

  • More pop culture over-exposure of Gettysburg (see pages 6-8)
  • Starting out quarterly.  Give us more.
  • Emphasis on Eastern theater.  The top headlines pub Bull Run and Gettysburg
What I hope I never see in this magazine?
  • Another ad for a Robert E. Lee statue, knife or presentation plate
  • Another glossy cover from a famous contemporary Civil War painter (don’t they all just look alike?)
  • Really bad graphic design by a wanna-be Photoshop artist
  • A ten page excerpt – read extended commercial – from the latest and greatest Civil War book from a top historian

Inside the first issue:

  • The Men & The Hour: Lincoln, Davis and the Struggle to Avert War, by Russell McClintock
  • The Work That Remains: Even after the fighting stopped, women waged their own battles to bring the bodies of their loved ones home by Judith Giesberg
  • Run Aground at Sailor’s Creek by Derek Smith
  • Captive Memories: Union Ex-Prisoners and the Work of Remembrance by Brian Matthew Jordan
  • “Babylon is Fallen”: The Northern Press Reports Sherman’s March to the Sea by Silvana R. Siddali
Not listed under features but in this issue:
  • Casualties of War: Clara Harris Rathbone by Stephen Berry
  • Battlefield Echoes: Blood-soaked Reality at Bull Run by Clay Mountcastle
Looks like we’ll see regular sections or columns like:
  • Salvo
    • Travels
    • Voices
    • Primer
    • Preservation
    • Figures
    • In Focus
  • Books & Authors

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