Introducing Morris Cooper Foote (1843-1905)

Morris Cooper Foote, circa 1870s

This is the first blogpost of many more to come on the life, story and Civil War military service of Morris Cooper Foote (1843-1905). I have partnered with a rare book store – Yeoman’s in the Fork – to bring my readers a series of blogposts on Foote.

Foote’s military service record is astounding, starting off as a Private during the Civil War, when he enlisted with the 44th New York Infantry, until he retired in February 1903 as a Brigadier General.

Morris Cooper Foote’s military career spanned some five decades, over a 43 year period.  He served in the American Civil War from 1861 through1865, and even served as a prisoner of war in several Confederate camps  for most of 1864. We are fortunate that Foote’s 1864 diary still exists.

Yeoman’s in the Fork owns a very large collection of items pertaining to Morris Cooper Foote, spanning the years of 1861 through 1903.  More about their collection soon.

Morris Cooper Foote was the son of Mary Morris Cooper (1806 – 1876) and Dr. Lyman Foote (1796 – 1846).  He was born September 16, 1843 in the Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor, New York.  His father was a surgeon in the United States Army and died during the Mexican War.  M. C. Foote married Annie Elizabeth Murphy April 29, 1891.  Foote died December 6, 1905 in Geneva, Switzerland, and was later entombed at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

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