Morris Cooper Foote’s Civil War service from April 1864 through December 1864?

Foote was captured among hundreds of other Union soldiers and officers on April 20th 1864, during the largest successful Confederate naval action during the Civil War.  He would serve in six separate Confederate military prisons from late April through November 29th, when he escaped along with another officer from Camp Sorghum, SC.   Foote spent time as a Confederate POW in the likes of Libby Prison and Danville in Virginia; Camp Oglethorpe in Macon, GA; at the City Jail and Roper’s Hospital in Charleston, SC; and finally in Camp Sorghum in SC.  Foote and a fellow officer escaped on November 29th 1864 from Camp Sorghum as they traveled down the Santee River region and out to the East Coast where they were rescued by a Union ship, the NIPSIC.  Foote and his comrade were largely assisted by the native negro population.


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