Morris Cooper Foote’s Civil War POW experience at Libby Prison, VA, from April 26 – May 7th.

Capture at Plymouth and trip to Libby

On Wednesday, April 20th, 1864, about 1,200 U.S. soldiers and officers were captured by Confederate forces at Plymouth, NC.  Several days later, Foote along with many fellow officers and soldiers were taken to the famed Libby Prison in Virginia on Tuesday, April 26th, 1864.  Foote’s diary says they reached Richmond at 6 a.m. and arrived at Libby an hour later.  All of the men were searched and their private belongings were confiscated, including their good U.S. greenbacks.  Foote recorded that he had $6.41 on his person when captured.  He immediately started hoping to be exchanged since he was an officer.  His April 30th entry records that a handful of Union officers were exchanged for Rebel prisoners.


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