Prison-life at Libby for Foote

On Thursday May 5th, Foote records in his diary that he hears of an approaching battle between Grant and Lee.  This is likely a reference to Grant’s Overland Campaign (May 4th – June 24th, 1864).   A couple days later, Saturday May 7th, Foote recorded in his diary that he was leaving Libby, embarking on the Richmond and Danville Railroad.

While serving briefly at Libby Foote does not record any escapes. Libby was in operation from 1862 – 1865. It had a maximum capacity of 1,000 inmates but housed over 4,200 Union soldiers at its peak.  Converted buildings were used as quarters for prisoners.  Somewhere around 60+ Union soldiers eventually escaped from Libby.  Just over 20+ deaths were recorded.  Foote served 12 days at Libby before being transferred to Danville prison.

Libby Prison

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