Arriving in Charleston

On the trip from Macon to Charleston some 100 Union officer-POWs escaped from the train.  No doubt the Confederate authorities were very surprised of the lightness of their load when they reached Charleston at 4 o’clock in the morning on Friday, July 29th.  Foote says they marched two miles into the city and were imprisoned in the city jail yard that first night with no shelter as it rained all night.  These conditions were repeated for at least the first three days.

Prisoner Exchanges

When Foote and his fellow POWs first arrived at the city jail his diary indicates they ate well, enjoying bacon and beef. With their stomachs satisfied, at least for now, the men turned their thoughts to freedom once again.  His first Monday in Charleston (August 1st) Foote wrote, “Heard that the Generals & Field Officers that came down first from Macon are exchanged, to leave Wednesday.”   Then, on Wednesday the 3rd of August Foote chronicled the result; “The Genls & Field Officers are exchanged & under the Old Stars & Stripes. They are lucky.”

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