Bad news from home

The better conditions at Roper’s, including much better rations – fresh beef – were immediately tempered by bad news from home. “Received a letter from the General at Hilton Head inclosing a note from Nannie. They think Frank is dead (August 18th).” In early June (3rd) Foote had received news of Frank’s capture and leg amputation. The news of his death must have been devastating especially since as recently as July 25th Foote had written in his diary, “Heard of Frank, is doing very well.”  It was this kind of news that was particularly hard on prisoners of war. Trying to physically endure one’s imprisonment was hard enough. Having to deal with the emotional news of the affliction and death of loved ones back home was even worse for most POWs.  Fortunately, the news of Frank’s death was only a rumor as Foote would soon find out.

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