Union soldier recouping in Nashville hospital after the Battle of Franklin writes of the great conditions he is experiencing

Cumberland Hospital
Nashville Tenn
Dec.21, 1864

Dear Father and Mother I thought I would write a fiew lines to let you know that I am well and I hope this will find you the same.. The first days fight just before dark I got a little tap on the sholdier with a piece of shell it was not a bad hurt but it was bad enough So I had to come to the Hospital the same piece hit All Cowden [i.e., Pvt. Albert Cowden, Co. K, 84th Illinois Infantry] on the leg so he can hardly walk.. Will Stockton [i.e., Pvt. William H. Stockton, Company K, 84th Illinois Infantry] was wounded with his own gun he shot the end off of his four fingurs of his right hand at the first joint. I havnot herd from the regiment yet I suppose they are after Hood yet you will see in the papers how the thing went. I think old Hood is gon up Salt Crick. their was lots of our men hurt they had to charge the rebs works their is some men here nearly shot all a way. Their is some wounded rebs here they are used the same our men is. It has bin very wet here since the fight begun I guess it will turn cold… They got all of our men that was wounded at franklin and all the rebs.. this Hospital is the best fixed thing I ever saw. We have very good grub and git enough of it.. I was in the fight until the first line of works was taken. we took one stand of collers and two guns we was forming when I got hit.. I suppose they will send me to the regiment in a day or so

I have wrote all I can think of so I will bring this to a close Write often to your Hoapeful

H H Maley

Wm M and

E A Maley

Source: Univ of Notredame

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