91st PA Infantry soldiers writes of the Battle of Five Forks, April 1865

Edgar M. Gregory, a Union officer

Soldier (Bvt. Brig. Genl. Edgar M. Gregory – ex Col. 91st Pa. Inf. writes daughter 2 letters as Comdr. 2nd Brigade 1st Div., 5th Army Corps. 1st, Camp in the field 4/1/65 pert to epic triumph following Batlle of Five Forks.

“My precious daughter. I write to let you know I am safe by the mercy of God. We have had hard fighting today, took a battery, whipped the Rebels badly. It was a hard contest. 5th Corps only in the fight and Sheridan’s Cavalry. It is a glorious victory. Our loss is not many. This [is] the 5th day of fighting… I feel thankful to God for his mercy to me, to our army and our glorious cause…affectionatley your father, E.M. Gregory.”

He continues on the verso:” My brigade has done well, suffered less than many but suffered considerable. The groans of the wounded are sounding in my ears while I write. Firing front of Petersburg very heavy now. I think things are favoring us… Grif n Commdg. Corps. tonight Warren retired I am glad of it.”

Hurriedly written in pencil. 2nd dated April 3rd, 1865. Another letter to his daughter describing the collapse of Lee’s army following the battle of Five Forks.

In part: “…I wrote the evening of the first…our Battle on the 1st was a good hard one. Our losses not heavy. Yesterday had but little loss, tiring. We have taken many prisoners probably up to this time 8 to 9000. The enemy are y- ing before us. Everything favorable. It seems to me the God of Heaven is with us… your father, E.M. Gregory.”

Letter was listed in this summer 2018 catalog:



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