June 25-July 1, 1862 — the Seven Days Campaign

June 25  – July 1, 1862
The Seven Days Campaign changes the face of the war in the Eastern Theater as Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia relieves Richmond and Lee takes the initiative to drive his army (eventually) into Northern territory.

Soldiers rest on the Seven Pines Battlefield in Virginia (Library of Congress)

To learn more about the Seven Days Campaign

  • Civil War Trust – https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/seven-days-battles
  • The Seven Pines Battlefield – https://www.battlefields.org/visit/battlefields/seven-pines-battlefield
  • Map – https://www.battlefields.org/learn/maps/seven-days-campaign-1862
Fighting at the Chickahominy River, June 27 1862 (Library of Congress)

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