126th New York Infantrymen writes from Petersburg, lacks confidence in Grant

126th N.Y. INF. ALS, (Youngs), HQ, 2nd Corps in the eld near Petersburg, Va. 7/14 & 16/64 writes mother pert to Rebel invasion of Md. & Pa., advance on Wash, D.C., Grant vs Lee capabilities etc.

Writes mother “There is of course a great many rumors and speculations in regard to the Rebel invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania and according to the latest report, the Rebels were advancing on Washington [D.C.] and are already within a few miles of the Capitol.”

“I am sorry to say that the “boys” generally have lost the confidence which they reposed in General Grant at the opening of the campaign. They say he hasn’t Pemberton tonight now and are inclined to think that Lee is fully a match for him. I must confess the prospect of Richmond being taken very soon does not look very flattering. After all the fighting that has been done, we are today as far from possess-ing the Rebel Capitol or dispersing the Rebel army as we ere when we left winter quarters. And if we are any nearer than we were three years ago, “I can’t see it.” At this very moment, Washington is in more danger than Richmond.”

As of June 2018 this letter was for sale online:


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