35th Alabama soldier writes about action at Corinth in 1862

The following letter transcript was listed in the Fall/Winter catalog of Brian Green

BATTLE OF CORINTH. 35th ALA. INF. ALS, 4pp., approx. 7 1/4” x 9 1/2,” Marshall City (near Holly Springs), Miss. 10/17/62. Soldier (Levi Lewis, 35th Ala. Inf.) writes in dark pencil detailing Bat- tle of Corinth & “commenced the attack & fought all day and run the Yanks in their breastworksand we camped on the Battle eld and the next morning the re wasopen at 4 o’clock and we were drawn up in line of battle and marched in front of a Battery, and they commenced shelling us and we were ordered to lie down and there we lay and the shot andshell ying over us thick.” Writes if regt. had been standing up he does not think there would have been one third “come off.” As for Battle, I guess you have heard all about that our Regiment Friday was in front of the cannon, and a shell was thrown and bursted in our com- pany and killed two and knocked down six more and then we were ordered to charge, and we soon si- lenced that piece and captured it. The General (Rusk) says that the 35(th) saved him, and that is great praise for us, thought we did notinch.” With soldier’s franked Ided.cover. F-VF. Much background info. (battle & soldier). $395.00

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