Until very recently if you wanted to know who built the earthenworks fort in Franklin, Tennessee known as Fort Granger, the leading – but unsubtstantiated answer – was “some Indiana troops and some slaves.”

Well, thanks to an original June 4th, 1863 letter from a 98th Ohio Infantryman that recently surfaced . . . we now know exactly who built Fort Granger!  We also know why, how and when it was built.

Take a virtual tour of this fabulous fort just on the banks of the Harpeth River in Williamson County, Tennessee – in Franklin. One of the best preserved earthenworks of its kind, this books treats the reader to fabulous contemporary photos (30) of the earthenworks, mixed with actual eyewitness testimony from the soldiers who built it. You have a detailed week by week timeline of its construction in the Spring of 1863. And you’ll get to read the actual letter from the Ohio soldier who helped build it.

Published by The Center for the Study of the Civil War, this work is authored by long-time historian and blogger Kraig W. McNutt.

Best-selling author of Widow of the South, Robert Hicks say this about McNutt:

Kraig McNutt brings with him not only years of study and understanding, but the necessary passion to make the cold facts of history come alive. Driven by that passion, Kraig has honed his studies into scholarship and his scholarship into understanding. As the Civil War slips further and further into a dim past, we are fortunate to have Kraig breathing life back into the story.

Available in hard cover only, high quality 12 pound paper, 11.25 x 8.75;  29 pages. Color.

This is the Sesquicentennial edition, limited to the first 100 copies.  Signed and numbered by the author.

$49.95. plus S/H. Order by PayPal (send to kwmcnutt@yahoo.com) or email tellinghistory[at]yahoo.com

Proceeds from this book go to help histporic preservation in Williamson County.

Book is printed on demand.  Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.