April 13th in the American Civil War?

What happened on this day during the Civil War – April 13th?

  1. Saturday, April 13, 1861 – Maj Robert Anderson surrenders Fort Sumter to the Confederates in the opening salvo of the American Civil War.
  2. Sunday, April 13, 1862 – Gen David Hunter declares his region (vicinity of Ft. Pulaski, GA) free of slavery. Issues his own unapproved emancipation of slaves.
  3. Monday, April 13, 1863 – Federals assault Fort Bisland, LA; on Bayou Teche.
  4. Wednesday, April 13, 1864 – CSA Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry skirmish in Columbus, KY.
  5. Thursday, April 13, 1865 – Raleigh falls to Sherman.

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