Key events in late April 1862 during the American Civil War?

April 21 – the Confederate Congress passes the Partisan Ranger Act thereby legitimizing many guerilla organizations fighting throughout the Confederacy. Partisan leaders like John Singleton Mosby and William Quantrill will soon become Confederate officers.

April 24 – Navy Captain David Farragut (USA) launches his siege against New Orleans, eventually capturing the largest Confederate city by May 1st.

For a complete timeline of important events during the American Civil War click here.

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  1. Hello out there! Don’t know if this is how to get info into the timeline,
    but on April 12 th 1862……
    let us NOT forget the Andrews Raid which involved stealing the
    Confederate steam engine The General and the resulting great
    locomotive chase from Big Shanty Ga. and ended just north of
    Ringold Ga., resulting in the capture of the Union Soldiers and the civiian
    leader Andrews. 7 men were executed, six escaped from prison, and the rest were exchanged eventually. This is one of the great and bold episodes of the Civil War. Six of these men were also the first recipients of the
    Medal Of Honor!

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