Military Images

Military Images is a foundation partner. We re-publish an article written by Ron Coddington at Military Images, once a week.

Military Images is America’s only magazine dedicated solely to the study of portrait photographs of Civil War soldiers. Established in 1979, our ongoing mission seeks to showcase, interpret and preserve these rare images. The portraits were originally personal, intimate objects never intended for public consumption. Beginning with the centennial of the Civil War, these relics have moved from attics and basements into private and public collections. Today they are part of an emerging body of scholarship. In each quarterly issue of MI, readers find a mix of analysis, case studies, examinations of material culture and personal stories that offer a unique perspective on the human aspect of the Civil War.

In the summer of 1979, Harry Roach realized a dream when he published the first issue of MI. He set a broad mission to document the early photographic history of U.S. soldiers and sailors.

Roach was a pioneer. He started MI at a time when the importance of vernacular photographs of soldiers was just beginning to be understood and appreciated. He collaborated with a number of contributors, who shared his passion for historic military photographs of the citizen soldiers who forged our country. Issue after issue, subscribers glimpsed wonderful photographs and read informative, educational stories.

This was Roach’s legacy. Since he stepped aside as editor and publisher in 2000, MI has continued as the leader in showcasing, interpreting, and preserving military images.

MI is published quarterly. Annual subscriber benefits include four print issues, access to the digital edition, and PDF downloads. Selected material is available on Facebook.