76th Ohio soldier letter, Atlanta campaign

Source: Fall/Winter 2018 catalog of Brian Green

76th OHIO INF./ ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. ALS, 2pp., 4to., onthe eld near Atlanta, Ga. 8/5/64. Soldier (Humphrey) writes mother about recent battles of Atlanta & Ezra Church.

“Since my last to you we have fought no such decisive engagements as those of the 22 & 28 of July. the Rebel Commander in Chief seems convinced after a loss of so many thousand men or the madness of any attempt to drive or defeat the strong well organized army of our wise old W.T. Sherman… We are again executing one of those grand strategic flank movements which has proved so successful… and which has given him the cognomen… the ‘great flanker.’ It seems to be the opinion among military men that the rebels are trying to get our of here… without coming out and showing us a fair fight which is all Sherman would ask… Their losses… here have been unusually severe and the dispardy between ours and theirs is indeed surprising… 5000 to our 500, ten to one…Few age spots o/w VF. $250.00

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